lørdag 10. september 2011

Kayak trip to Bjørndalen

A little bit late update this time, suddenly my week just flew by!
Anyways, my first weekend up here I was volunteering for the Quadratlon :) I was mostly cheering for my friends during the competition, but also counting penalty rounds after the shooting-ppart of the competition.

Later that afternoon I joined two guys on a kayaktrip to Bjørndalen, but before we left we were hanging out at a BBQ down at the beach. It got a little late before we took off (but hey, who cares, it didn`t get that dark druning the "night"). So we had an amazing view of the mountains bathing in sunset colours before we took to the water :) It was great being back on the water! And who would have thought that when I arrived the cabin, it was filled with my new kitchen mates! (For some reason I was put in one barrack for about 6 days, before I had to move to the one I´m supposed to stay in for the rest of this semester). A friend from my lat term up here was in the cabin too, turned out I was moving in too her room!

Sunday afternoon we had quite some wind kayaking abck to Nybyen, and when we got back on land we headed straight for the kayakpolo! I´ve really missed playing kayakpolo, so even though I was pretty tired after kayaking agianst the wind, I gave it my best at the polo games too! Haha, and after that I started moving my things in to my new room, I was completly destroyed when "night" came! But it was great to finally settle down, and putting up the drawings and post cards I got from friends on my wall =)

And now I´ve started my course up here, I discovered that we`re going on a scientific cruise for 13 days already next week! That`s gonna be awesome!I am really hoping to catch some Clione/Sea angels for my own samples, I´m getting really eager to start my lab work!

So the pictures I´ve put up now is a mix of the first little kayak trip I had here, the Quadratlon, and the kayak trip to Bjørndalen. I´ve had a few hikes here after that, but I forgot to bring my camera and it`s been pretty grey and wet here anyways.

Oh, and if I´m not updating my blog for a while now, it will be because I´m soon leaving on the cruise, being away for a while, and probably stuck at the lab afterwards.

But! It´s awesome being back again! And I´m so happy that there`s several amazing familiar faces here, and a lot of cool new people! I´m relly glad to be back!

torsdag 1. september 2011

Hello rifle, my old friend

I guess my title might seem a bit extreme for those who haven`t been to Svalbard, but this was excatly what I felt when I was getting ready for my first hike up here again. Because you never really know where a polarbear might show up, you don`t go hiking without a rifle.

Anyways, after saying hello to people at Unis, fixing whatever needed to be fixed, and halfly settling down in Nybyen (for some reason I´m moving in to another room on Monday, so I haven`t completely settled down and unpacket yet; was a bit sad when I couldn`t start put up posters, post-cards and drawings from friends on the wall immidiatly), me and Ingrid was ready to go hiking. From the pictures you`ll see it`s quite grey and wet, but it was still great to get out, hike up to Sarkofagen, and just truly see that I´m back home! After the hike we went to Huset to have dinner, and got a bit surprised when it was completely redeccorated! (It`s really fancy now, hard to imagine that once there was a bunch of coalminers drinking beer at that very spot.)

It`s great being back here :) I got a warm welcome back to Unis by familliar faces, and some of my awesome friends are up here too! I haven`t really met a lot of the new students here yet, but so far it seems like a lot of nice people :) I´m looking forward to see more on the Friday Gathering, and I´m especially looking forward to get back to kayak-polo! (And apparantly there`s some stories about me up here, beccause two of my new cool kitchenmates are really eager to see me play!) On the short time I`ve been here now I already feel I´m back home, and I had some awesome times with some awesome people (already!) :D And then I´m realizing that I still have much more to come!

I´m a bit nervous but also super eager to start my new course, it seems like I´m going on a 2 week fieldcruise already in September! I think this course will be short and intens, but I also think it will be really interresting! I´m really looking forward to the cruise! And I hope I´ll be able to catch some more samples for my labwork, so cross your fingers for me!