tirsdag 30. august 2011

Since the day I went away...

I´ve been saying most of the spring that I can`t wait to get back to Svalbard.
BUT! This Summer has been one of the best summers of my life! Even though I´ve been working most of it, I`ve feel I´ve spent so much time with my close friends at home, it´s been awesome! We´ve done everything from BBQing, movienights, random gatherings, concerts, themeparty, and I even got to visit my "Partner in crime" for an awesome weekend on the other side of the country! I also got a visit from a dear friend from Svalbard, and I had 2 amazing kayak-trips, putting up my tent on a distant island, just enoying the peace and quiet out by the sea :-) Luckily I also got to get back to my family cabin with my mom and dad, wich was the perfect vacation after my long summer of working.

As a big ending to my amazing summer, I got a truly EPIC goodbye-party with most of my closest, dearest, beloved, and now already missed friends! Gathering from near and far, my friends gave me the best goodbye-party I ever could have wished for! It was LEGENDARY!

At writing moment I´m sitting at the airport in Oslo, waiting for my plane to Svalbard. I`m really looking forward to get back! I´m coming home! I´m curious to meet the new students up there, and and excited to see how it will be to start my Master`s Degree now! I´m hoping that I will have a lot of amazing things waiting for me! At least I know I´m going back to an amazing place!
Hopefully I will even get some visits from friends again!

If there`s one thing I´ve learned from the summer, it`s that you can experience a lot during a short time ( I didn`t have much time off during the summer), and get new memories for life! And once again I´ve been reminded of how much my friends mean to me, and