søndag 14. november 2010

Kitchen-to-kitchen party!

After keeping calm for a week trying to save up energy, I managed to join this semesters kitchen-to-kitchen party! The theme for my kitchen this time was "Crazy Scientists" =D We had so much fun decorating the kitchen with lab equipment, exploded experiments, chemical formulas, escaped lab mice, chemical warning signs, and best of all; a Tesla coil! And our drink was jelloshots in different colours, made in different shapes =) (I was walking around with a water bottle filled with food colouring, marked with biohazard signs so I would not make any others sick ;)

During the evening we visited Karius and Baktus (from the story of the trolls living in your teeth when you have holes), our mad lab, outer space, a prison, an after ski party, a mine, Christmas town, a temple to The Great Onion, under the sea, another after ski party, a Svalbard tent camp, outer space once more, and a hen house!

I´m still impressed over all the different kitchens! (and I´m impressed I managed to get to all the kitchens!)

We even ended up with a new marriage! In the same kitchen as the last kitchen-to-kitchen party! This time we didn`t have a priest, but as the Student Council president I pronounced the wedded couple ;) Must be a nice way to start the life as married in Christmas Town =)

At our camp-site we even had the bag pipe playing for us again!

And the party was even better when I found friends form last semester here! =D

PS: Please guys, leave a comment! =)

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