søndag 14. november 2010

Boat trip to the other side of Isfjorden

So there haven`t been any update for a while, because I got sick with mononucleosis (and have no idea how I got it!), so I haven`t really done anything worth writing about. My last month have been spent mostly in my room, either lying flat on the bed not able to sit upright, or sitting in my bed crocheting and listening to audiobooks...

Now I´m putting up some pictures from a boat trip I had a while ago, to the other side of Isfjorden. Since one of my friends from last semester decided to become a pirate (=work as a guide on a tourist boat), I had to join a trip on her boat. It was a great Friday evening spent on the trip, it was so nice to be back on the sea, the view was spectacular, and it was awesome to spend some time with my friend again! We were several people from Unis who joined this trip, it was great!

Btw,for those who wonder, yes it is getting dark now! We have some small hours with blue-ish light in the middle of the day, but the rest of the day is pretty pitch black!

PS: Thanks to Marie who have been taking such good care of me! (She even carried up a carved pumpkin all the way form UNis to Nybyen, to give me a taste of halloween [which I was really sad about missing]!!) And thanks to all my kitchen mates who made this month less lonely! And thanks to everyone who tried to help me in anyway they could =)

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