mandag 29. november 2010

An unexpected end to my semester...

Because of my ongoing mono (starting my 7th week of being sick...), I won`t be able to take my exams this semester... (I will be able to take them sometime next semester) Since classes are ending now, and there is not much happening before the exam, it is no point for me to stay here... My awesome mom arrived here a few days ago, to help me pack(I would not be able to do that by myself now) and get safely home again. Hopefully, being able to rest and relax at home, and seeing sunlight again, will help me get well soon =)

So tonight I´m having a goodbye dinner with the guys of my kitchen, and then I asked my friends to come over in the evening to say goodbye (my mom made her delicious chocolate cake for my goodbye gathering!) I hope most of my friends will show up, I don`t want to leave without saying goodbye and thanks for an amazing semester!

I have to admit that I´m really sad about ending my semester this way, but I try to remember all the cool things I´ve experienced up here! But the last 6 weeks have felt quite empty, since I barely have been outside (only for visitting the doctos and the few lectures I tried to follow), and I am so grateful for my kitchen mates and my friends making my sick days less lonely! And for all the help!!! It was a good thing I learned how to crochet before I got sick, so my better days of just resting I could at least do something else than sitting in bed (my products have reached the amount of 5 hats, 8 pairs of wrist warmers, and 1 pair of knitted socks, most of it has been given away to friends).

But at least I can comfort myself that I´m coming up again for sure (I got a master project waiting for me up here=D), and I had the best time up here! I met awesome people, got to do imaginable stuff, and got a lot of cool experiences!

I´ve put up some pictures from behind my barrack while it was a full moon =) My neighbor Paul made the pictures =)

I´m going to miss this island!

søndag 14. november 2010

Kitchen-to-kitchen party!

After keeping calm for a week trying to save up energy, I managed to join this semesters kitchen-to-kitchen party! The theme for my kitchen this time was "Crazy Scientists" =D We had so much fun decorating the kitchen with lab equipment, exploded experiments, chemical formulas, escaped lab mice, chemical warning signs, and best of all; a Tesla coil! And our drink was jelloshots in different colours, made in different shapes =) (I was walking around with a water bottle filled with food colouring, marked with biohazard signs so I would not make any others sick ;)

During the evening we visited Karius and Baktus (from the story of the trolls living in your teeth when you have holes), our mad lab, outer space, a prison, an after ski party, a mine, Christmas town, a temple to The Great Onion, under the sea, another after ski party, a Svalbard tent camp, outer space once more, and a hen house!

I´m still impressed over all the different kitchens! (and I´m impressed I managed to get to all the kitchens!)

We even ended up with a new marriage! In the same kitchen as the last kitchen-to-kitchen party! This time we didn`t have a priest, but as the Student Council president I pronounced the wedded couple ;) Must be a nice way to start the life as married in Christmas Town =)

At our camp-site we even had the bag pipe playing for us again!

And the party was even better when I found friends form last semester here! =D

PS: Please guys, leave a comment! =)