søndag 17. oktober 2010

Dark times are ahead of us...

Haha, that probably sound way more dramatic than I meant it to be, but it is kind of true =P Our days are getting 20 minutes shorter each day now, and it`s not too long before the last sunrise is coming... We are getting closer and closer to the polar night, and I really do hope I get to see the last sunrise! On the plus side, the time of northern light are also coming! We already had an evening of quite a lot of northern lights (although not the strongest I´ve seen here, but it was as always amazing to watch!), and hopefully more will come! And it has started to snow, and the snow have stayed here for a week already and keeps coming! So now everything get more and more similar to the white-covered, amazing Svalbard I miss from the spring semester =) Everyone here have a sort of Christmas feeling now that the snow is back, and it`s getting dark early =)

It´s not enough snow to go skiing or using a snow scooter/ snow mobile yet, but I hope I get the chance to go on some more hikes before we get that much =) And I relly hope the snow will stay now, not melt a way and make everything ice covered and slippery again...

Anyway, that was just a small update on how the status is up here now =) I´ve put out a few pictures from the Northern lights, and once again I borrowed Martins pictures =)


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  1. åååå nyyyydelige bilder! :D
    savner deg min venn!