torsdag 30. september 2010

A visit from my parents!

Finally I got to show my parents how my life is up here! They where visiting me for about 5 days, and it was so nice to have them here!

They have been at Svalbard in the spring time before, that`s why they didn`t visit me last semester. They wanted to experience Svalbard in the autumn too =) They rented a car for a few days, so we went around and had a look at Mine 7 and the antennas over there, Mine 6, Bjørndalen, Endalen, and we went to the dock area to have a look at the worlds greatest sail ship! Me and my dad hiked up to Mine 6, it was a great hike! We all went to the rifle range to have some fun there! And I brought them to kayak polo!

Since my parents where coming, I saved one of the best parts of my reindeer meat to have a delicious dinner when they arrived. (But I had already warned my dad that I would not give him any meat before I got a bottle of whisky as a gidt, since he didn`t really believe I would manage to go hunting =P and I did get the bottle =D) I let my dad do the cooking (since his a great chef!), and we had my special dessert afterwards =) I was a bit nervous for what he would say about my job as a butcher, and got so relieved when he said I had done a great job!

It was really nice to be with my parents up here! I hope they had a great time! It´s already feeling kind of empty here now that they are gone!

But hey, now I´m soon leaving for my second cruise! And we are going all the way up to the pack ice! That`s righ, I´m heading as far north as you can possible get with a boat!

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