mandag 27. september 2010

Ice Breaker Wild Kingdom!

Okay, so time to put up some pictures from this semesters Ice Breaker-party!

This time the theme was wild kingdom, and on our tickets we got assigned to different groups (Air, Ocean, Tropics, Dessert, Arctic and Norwegian forest). We were sitting together in these groups during the dinner, an each table had it`s own decorations fitting the theme. And the decorations were awesome! There was pinguins, birds, cacti, trees, clouds, leaves, waves, fish, snow, and an ice-berg!

I got to be in the Air-group, so me and a friend made a costume to be Barnacle geese! We even made a tag on our legs, since we both had been helping a scientist tag geese in Ny-Ålesund during the cruise!

People are so creative when it comes to costumes! We had a camel, hammerhead shark, kite, cloud, puffins, pinguins, coral reef, sting ray, bears, foxes, a polar bear attack, jellyfish, snail, frog, parrot,lions,zebra and a lot more!

And; we had a own IceBreaker band! With a bagpipe!! =D

It was an awesome party!

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