mandag 20. september 2010

Camping in Bolterdalen

Originally my plans for last weekend was to hike over to Coles Bay and spend a night there, but that planned changed a little bit. So 2/3 of the original group joined another group who said they wanted to camp somewhere in Adventdalen. This occured to be one of the trips with least planning, but still turned out to be great! I waited to hear from this group what their plans were, so I could cope with this, but never got a reply. And then suddenly I got a call Saturday morning saying I should just pack and get ready, and we`ll take form there! Anyways, we finally got ready (after I tracked down a tent, fuel bottles, a stove, and the rest of my original group), and we were off to Bolterdalen (side-valley to Adventdalen).

We were so lucky with the weather, the sun was up, barely no wind, it was a really nice hike out in the valley =) We found the only flat, moss covered area in miles around, put up a tent and enjoyed the evening. To make a nice evening even better, I cooked a reindeer stew with the meat from my reindeer and some vegetables that a friend brought! ( I prepared the meat before I went out, I just cooked it with the rice and vegetables out in the camp=) So much better than dry tech dinner!

I was really happy that I got the last part of the polar bear guard, it was really nice to sit and watcht he sun colour the valley pink, enjoying the quietness and wake up slowly =) Then when it was time to wake up, I was already working on heating water for food and thermoses =)

Sundays goal was to hike up Soleietoppen, a cool mountaintop we could see from our camp. It was quite steep, so we started to walk in a zic-zac pattern up the sandy slope, until we reached the ridge. Unfortunately for me and another girl the ridge had not been lying in sun yet, and our hiking boots did not like ice-covered rocks. But we finally made it to the top, and could enjoy an amazing view! Our way down again went so much faster as we were sliding (on purpose) down the sandy slope, and were back at the bottom in a few minutes. We went back to our camp, had lunch, packed everything and went on our way back home again. Back in Nybyen I discovered that it had been awfully windy, some friends of mine had been worried about us camping out in the valley. I guess we were lucky to be in that valley, because we didn`t really detect any wind!

It was a great camping trip, it was so nice to get out and away a little bit! Now I´m just looking forward to get a visit from my parents this week!

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