lørdag 14. august 2010

Terrestrial Arctic Biology-cruise Part 4

After breakfast on Friday we got ready to catch some geese =) I was one of 4 people put in a survival suit to walk into the water and chase the geese into the traps, which was fun! It`s not that easy to walk in water with a survival suit though... When we caught the geese we let them calm down for 2 hours before we started the work of marking, measuring and taking blood samples of them. During this time we went to a lake to catch some more Lepidurus, and I guess the tourist coming in with the tourist cruise had some fun watching a bunch of 20-year-olds splashing around the waterbed catching tiny animals =)

When we worked with the geese, we started with the young ones. We weighted them, and the scientist we worked for was measuring their size and putting marks on them, and then we took blood samples from them. Apparently I had a hidden talent for taking blood samples of geese =D We were working with about 120 geese, so you could say it took a while! But it was so much fun! It was great to get the close experience with the birds =)

When we were finished with the geese, we let out all the youngsters and then the adults, and could watch them from a distance finding their family again =)

Back on the boat we took a trip into the fjord to check out the glaciers a little closer. There had been a big group of beluga whales in the fjord some hours before, but we didn`t see any now (well, some saw a few, but it wasn`t easy to spot them out among the floating ice).

Then the boat started the trip south again, our next destination was Coles Bay and Kapp Linnè =) When I arrived in Coles Bay the next day, my battery died... But thanks to a friend I got to borrow a camera, but I haven`t got these pictures yet, so I will put out the pictures form Coles Bay and Kapp Linnè later!

But staying at Kapp Linnè was awesome! We got to spend two nights in the hotel there, the rooms were so great!

And since they have a sauna at Kapp Linnè, a group of us went for a dip in the sea! Only the Norwegians and Finnish joined, who do you think stayed longest in the ocean and in the sauna?

Kathrine was the photographer when we took a bath =) The pictures of survival suits chasing geese is also taken by her =)

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