lørdag 14. august 2010

Terrestrial Arctic Biology-cruise Part 5

And i got the pictures from the borrowed camera!

So, on our last day of staying on the boat, we went to Colesbukta/ Coles Bay to get samples there. Last time I was there, it was covered in snow with piles of rock coming up form the snow, and now I felt it was really green =P

After we finished sampling both on top of a hillside, in the slope and at the snow bed, we went back to the boat and startet to pack all gear and luggage. Then we got shipped over to Kapp Linnè =) And again I stayed in a barrack, and not inside the hotel =P

But the rooms felt like luxury after the boat trip! (not that the boat was bad!). But everyone was a little bit uncomfortable without the waves, I felt more sea sick on land than I did on the boat "/

Our first night at Kapp Linnè we had dinner, and unpacked in the rooms. Then we some of us went out to take a dip in the sea, and then go to the sauna! And it was me and a Finnish girl in my class that stayed out in the water longest! We went up again at the same time, when we felt we had lost the feeling in the toes long enough =P

The next day we went to put out some insect traps, and collect more plants. We went to Linnèvatnet lake where the fresh water group tried to catch some Arctic Charr. Later we had a small charr-dissection of the charr =)

At Kapp Linnè our luck with the weather had changed. The clouds kept coming closer and closer to the ground, and it was raining. But I´m glad we got the rain in the end of the trip, and not at the beginning!

For a short while it wasn`t sure if we would be picket up by polar circle boats or not, it was quite windy and a lot of waves. But eventually the boats arrived, and I had fun in the waves on our way home =) Hehe, most of the students in the boat where singing all the time, so we kept our moods up=)

Well back in Nybyen, after some cleaning of survival suits and a stop at the shop, we had a small party in my kitchen to mark the ending of the cruise =D and I got new neighbours up here, so I hope they appreciated the party, even though it was full of biology-students with a lot of private jokes =P

During the trip, me and a friend made a Lepidurus-song! And a poppy-song for the svalbard poppy! I will put up the songs on my blog as soon as we finished them!

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