lørdag 14. august 2010

Terrestrial Arctic Biology-cruise Part 3

Our third landing site was at a bird cliff called Fuglehuken, at the island Prins Karls Forland =) After being all the way up to 80 degrees north (!) with barely any vegetation, coming to the birdcliff felt like entering the rainforest! Suddenly it was green everywhere! And the plants grew so big! We didn`t walk on hard stones anymore, but soft beds of mosses, grass, lichens and herbs =)

Hehe, it wasn`t quiet any longer either, the birds were so loud!

We sampled at different sites at the bird cliff, and for once we could sit very comfortable while we had lunch outside =) And I got so see puffins! the first ones I saw when we were shipped ashore, and then they came flying from the bird cliffs and went to se sea! impossible to take a good picture of =S

When we came back to the boat again, the hot tub was once again filled =) After dinner, we were heading for Ny-Ålesund, a tiny village that mostly consist of research centers (and a few embassies), so we were arriving Ny-Ålesund while sitting in the hot tub!

In Ny-Ålesund all of us visited the store there, before we had a small sightseeing walk =)

The next day we would help a scientist catching and marking barnacle geese, so after dinner we had a small lecture about the geese, and we helped him prepare the nets on shore to catch them =).

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