torsdag 26. august 2010

Sukkertoppen, Gruvefjellet, Trollsteinen, Larshierta and back to Trollsteinen!

Yesterday my lab-group had a day off from school, so we decided to go on a hike! Still being eager after the great hike to Sarkofagen, I woke up and got a little bit disappointed that it was cloudy. But my friend Martin is absolutely right when he said we have become spoiled with great weather up here! And of course we can have a great hike in clouds as well =) We started by hiking up Sukkertoppen, which is one of the mountaintops lying next to town. We continued on the ridge over to Gruvefjellet, and over the plateau we walked straight into the clouds! But bringing a compass to a trip is never wrong, and we had no problems of finding our way =) We actually got surprised when the clouds lifted again, we had already passed Nybyen and was heading towards Trollsteinen!

And it was funny to find the small "weather-station" up on the platau, I´ve seen it on pictures, and finally I got to see it for my self =)

When we followed the ridge over towards Trollsteinen we got caught by the clouds again. As we got closer to the top, the sun tried her best to get through the clouds, and we were hiking in some awesome, spooky light! It was really trollsk! ("troll-ish", enchanting). When we reached the top, the clouds suddenly lifted, and we were sitting on top of Trollsteinen in sunlight! The clouds disappeared around Nordenskjold as well, so we had a great view! Our main plan was to reach Trollsteinen, but none of us really wanted to end the hike, so we decided to walk over to Larhierta too =) The sun followed us all the way over, it was amazing! We still had sunlight when we reached the top of Larshierta, by then we could no longer see Trollsteinen.

From there we wanted to try to reach Sarkofagen, but the clouds played with us again, and we go some really bad vision. Since it was steep forward, and none of us were really sure how the hillside connecting Larshierta and Sarkofagen would be to hike, we decided to turn back the way we knew. The fog kept playing with us, and since we had been hiking since 11 that morning, at it turned 6 in the evening, we all felt really tired. What do you do on a hike then, when you know you have several hours to go? You sing! And lighten the mood a little bit =D And then right in front of us we walked into a group of ptarmigans! Still having their summer-suit on, they looked like moving rocks! And we got so close to them!

After we passed Trollsteinen, we got under the clouds again and could finally see some view. Hjortfjellet on the other side of Longyearbyen was lying in sun, at the ocean was emerald green =) it was a really beautiful sight. Finally home again we all agreed on that this was a amazing hike! Truly awesome! Hiking for 10 hours with great company, and lots of fun!

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  1. sykt kule dei bildene der du bare ser omrisset av personen!! :)