tirsdag 24. august 2010

Boat trip to Gåsøyene

Yesterday my lab-group and I went out with one of Unis` boats to sample some algae. We had the perfect weather for a boat trip! Sun, no wind, and hardly any waves! And it was so great to be back at sea =D

We went out in Isfjorden, to Gåsøyene islands at the beginning of Billefjorden =) We did some samples at the boat with a triangle dredge, but after a while we divided in to groups and went out in a small zodiac to collect samples. Hehe, first time I´ve been in a boat and actually trying to fish kelp =P

When we got closer to the islands, we suddenly got surrounded by birds! Fulmares, terns and puffins where flying right next to us! Our teachers tried to keep our focus to the algae we fished, but it was way more fun trying to take a good picture of the puffins! (which was almost impossible, they fly so fast!) When we rounded the island, we got completely surrounded by puffins! Hundreds of them where flying around us, over to the island and back to the sea, watching us working!

Back on the boat we got to rest in the sun while the other group where out sampling. I was a little bit jealous since they went ashore and sampled in the waterline, but the puffin-experience outweighed that one. But they came back with 3 awesome nudibranchs!

We got some more waves on our way back again, but that just made the whole boat-trip much more fun! At least for my part, cause you`ll always find me sitting at the front of the boat as long as I´m allowed to be there =) And getting big waves up front is something I´ll never get tired of!

All in all it was a fantastic day at sea! And I didn`t even get seasick ;)

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