lørdag 31. juli 2010

Starting a new semester

So a lot of stuff have been happening since I came back, we already had several excursions and lectures, and of course the safety-course. I even managed to put together the first Friday Gathering so the new students and everyone still staying at Unis could join it =)

During the safety course we had a lectures about everything that can go wrong in Svalbard ( "101 ways of dying in Svalbard"), and later we tried on the survival suits we use in boats, and jumped into the sea! I brought my waterproof case for my camera and was taking pictures while floating in the cold water =P And we went to the rifle range to do some shooting, which is always fun!

Of course we also practiced some first aid, and put up a tent and a tripwire. In between we had some lectures, and ended the Friday with a bird excursion and the Friday Gathering =) The gathering ended early for my part, because we had to get up early for a lecture, plant excursion and lab session on Saturday...

But during all this I have been able to meet all my new classmates, and it`s a great group! I think we will have a lot of fun together, especially at the cruises!

We also tried to plan the projects we`re going to have during the course, so you can guess it`s been pretty busy! I´m happy that we don`t have a lot to do tomorrow except packing, and a few documents to prepare for the project, but other than that I´m going to use the Sunday to relax, so I´m totally rested before the cruise!

During some of our free time me and 4 others went to Sverdrupbyen for looking for a ancient crustacean in the pond called Lepidurus, and we found a lot of plants! So I´m putting up some of the pictures (enjoy Jussi!). I also tried to take a picture of some of the lichens ( enjoy Alison!).

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