fredag 23. juli 2010

Leaving home to get back to my paradise!

After a very short summer vacation, I am now packing and getting ready to go back to Svalbard. Even though most of my suitable Svalbard-clothes is lying in Nybyen, I´m still afraid I will have a lot of overweight because now I´m bringing quite a lot of different equipment which is easier and cheaper to get on the mainland. But thanks to my always helpful mom, it seems that I got everything I need with me. I even got quite a lot of food with my as a gift from mom and dad! I even got a new pair of rain-boots (my old ones were leaking), which will come in handy as, according to my curly, british neighbor, "it`s going to be bloody muddy up there!". (At least in the fall...)

It´s been great to be home, to see my friends and be with my family and boyfriend this summer! I have mostly been working, working a lot actually, but I gathered my friends for a BBQ and a movie-night, and I´ve seen my them here and there, so I hope they still know I appreciate them even though we haven`t got a lot time together this summer. I also had several people from Svalbard visiting me, one of my closest stayed for 9 days and we had some awesome dives together! While I was working, she and my boyfriend where out diving, and one day I came home I got a 17 kg/ 8,5 pounds heavy monkfish as a gift! I had a great last dive here with my boyfriend in Kvalsvik, I found 2 really cool nudibranchia!

I had a really nice finish to my vacation with a outdoor concert with Vamp out on the island of Røvær, with my boyfriend and two of my closest friends =) Vamp is a local band which is very well known in Norway, and as people form Haugesund, nothing is more summer or "homy" like the Vamp-songs! The concert was really nice, me and one of my friend got the autographs fromt he artists, and we got to chat with the vocalist who is a friend of my boyfriend =) During the concert the rain and sun was competing about our attention, but the wind was constantly present. Not a good combination for me who got a small cold going, so today I´m glad my mom helped my pack, because I feel completely soaked!

I do wish I had a longer vacation home, I am sorry that I didn`t get to do all the things me and my friends planned and wanted to do, but I had a great time with them when we met! And my family was scattered everywhere! My sister went to visit her friends in USA, my parents went to our cabin and the eastern part of Norway, while my exchange-sister went home to Brazil! I´m happy that my boyfriend was home, or else I would have felt quite alone some times. It would have been nice to get more summer here, but I look forward to get back too! Especially since I am going on a field cruise very soon!

I hope there will be a lot of great new people up there, and that this semester will be as awesome as the last one!

(SOme of these pictures is taken by Øyunn, and some by Birger=)

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