søndag 25. juli 2010

Back to the Arcitc

It`s so great to be back! And it`s so much more green than I expected it to be! I´ll try to make some good pictures of the flowers, grass and mosses for my more botanic interested friends soon, but here`s a small taste at least =)

It was a long north again (of course not as long as for the trans-atlantic students that come her). The only flight between my hometown and Oslo was really early in the morning, so I had about 8 hours of waiting in Oslo before the next flight! Waiting in a busy airport for that long, being sick and tired, is not really what I recommend, but what can you do? Luckily I found a nice couch close to electric cap so I spent most of the time watching old Police Academy and How I met your mother (thanks for saving me Stephan!).

And of course the plane to Longyeabryen got small problems along the way, so we were a little bit late than supposed to. But finally we landed, and it was so nice to unpack everything I brought and left here, put up my posters and make the room mine again! =) I met 2 friends who I got to now in Bergen, and we made some food together in the evening (thanks mom and dad for buying me some food too!!!).

But today when I woke up, it was great to be back in my room! But it baffles me that it is so quiet and empty here... Only the biologists are starting this early, because we have to start our terrestrial field work while there`s still life outside. So we are only 4 people in the barrack at this time, and I suppose there is a few master students living here and there in Nybyen, hopefully I´ll see some familiar people soon! And the student housing have taken down all the decorations from the last kitchen-to-kitchen party, so there is no great silver shark in the room or silver fish hanging from the roof! =( So now it feels even more empty!!

But hopefully we`ll be able to put up some decoration soon ;-)

I´m glad we`re not starting before Tuesday, because I probably need one more day to get well again after catching a end-of-summer-vacation-cold... I really need to get better before the field cruises start, because that will be a lot of work! But I am so looking forward to it, one of the cruises will start already in 2 weeks!!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Så rart å se når d va så grønt! ka ti e d snøen komme tebake igjen for fullt? Har dåkke begynt for fullt nå elle? Kossen va cruiset?? Hvis du har vært på d allerede? =) Drit kule dykkebilder btw!!:D håpe eg og kan få noen så kule når me ska ut å dykka :D glede meg t å hørra kossen du har hatt d på cruise!:D

  2. Jah, d e sinnsykt rart her når d e så grønt!!! Men d e kjempefint òg^^ SNøen komme kanskje i desember, men e ikkje garantert, noe som overraska meg litt... men men, e jo fint her nå da =) Drar på cruise på mandag, ska prøva å ta masse bilder og fortella masse!! Me ska absolutt ta me kameraet når du komme hjem og me drar ut å dykke =D

    Glede meg t å hørra kossen d e me deg down under!