fredag 11. juni 2010

There was a polar bear behind my barrack!

On my way home from a late evening at Unis (studying), one of Sysselmannens/the Governor`s cars went past me while the drive cryied something out of the window in my direction. I barely heard what he said, except "Polar bear!"

A few seconds later I heard the first flareshot, and a polar bear jumped into sight just behind my barrack!! 150 m infront of me!

It started to move away toward Longyearbreen, and the guy continued shooting flareshots to scare it away. It went quite slowly, taking curios looks back in our direction, and when it came to the old road by the hillside, it walked a long it for a while before it went down on the other side. At that time I was inside, watching the bear from my bedroom window! (calling friends and family to tell what happened). A few minutes later, the Governors/Sysselmannes helikopter were chasing after the bear, and we could see it once again walking on Longyeabreen glacier.

So from now on, don`t leave the barrack without a rifle!

PS: I will try to get someones picture of the bear when it was standing right behind the barrack, now I only have my own. I included a picture of one a flower I found, to show that it´s actually spring here now =)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Really exciting, and scaring too!

  2. it was really exciting =) but it was not that scare then and there, but afterwards everyone where in shock! We have been thinking that the area around the barracks are safe, I have even spent 2 separate nights in a tent just were the polar bear was, without a trip wire because it was so close to the barracks!