fredag 18. juni 2010

Last days in Paradise... (for now)

The final exams are marking the end of my amazing semester here at Svalbard, and my last days can`t be spent only for packing and cleaning!

After my last exams I went to the dog yards to take a look at the Eider ducks that are nesting between them. The ducks have discovered that the polar fox do not get close to the dog yeards, so the ducks can escape predation by the fox if the nest close to the dogs. Try to discover the nesting hens on the ground, thei´re not all that easy to see =P

On my way over I also discovered a bunch of terns flying around in the wet-land area. That´s the first time I´ve seen terns up here!

It was a little bit sad to see Advendalen so bare for snow, with just a bronwish colour instead of clear white. But with the river flowing it really does feel like spring =)

My classmates and I had a last dinner together at Kroa, before we went back to Nybyen were we put out some sofa´s in the middle of the road, enjoying the evening and waiting for the midnight sun shine upon us. Several tourist seemed to think it was quite funny seeing the students sitting out in the middle of the road, several of them was descreetly taking a picture of us =)

Most of Tuesday was spent packing and cleaning my room, it`s incredible how much stuff such a small room can contain! Most of the winter clothes and equipment I could leave for next semester in the storage room, but I was happy that I had a big ski-bag I could fill with clothes and stuff!

In my last evening at Svalbard, me and two friends went skiing of Larsbreen =) most of the snow all the way to Larsbreen ahd melted, so we had to carry the skiis for a bit until we reached the moraine. It felt a litle bit strange walking in my alpine ski-boots in the stones, watching the river coming form the glacier, carrying skiis in the evening sun =) It was a great trip, it was so warm in the sun, and it was great to ski again! We had a small break on a stone-pile, just enjoying the sun, before we went a little further and then had a great time down-hill =D At the end of the glacier, several small dams was filled with glacial water. The sun had reached the biggest one when we came down, and we decided that we wanted to take a bath! Haha, it was such a rush, it was so cold, and we went quickly up again to put on our clothes! It was great! =D

Back in Nybyen, we joined a group sitting on the roof enjoying the sun =) It wwas a perfect last night at Svalbard!

Early next day I was packing the last things from my room, completely emptying it, and I had a short walk with a friends to search for flowers =) A lot of people showed uo to say goodbye to us (we were 5 people leaving that day), and even though it was really sad to say goodbye, I know I will see them again sometime =)

I had a fantastic semester here at Svalbard, I had so many cool experiences turning in to lifeime memories! I am really looking forward to come back for next semester, and experience Svalbard in the autumn! And hopefully meet a lot of great new people =D

Now I am looking forward to spend the summer home with family and friends!

PS: It was so warm when I arrived home! 11 degrees celcius feels like a lot when I´ve been used to 2-4 degrees! And it was so green here, so many trees and flowers! =D

fredag 11. juni 2010

There was a polar bear behind my barrack!

On my way home from a late evening at Unis (studying), one of Sysselmannens/the Governor`s cars went past me while the drive cryied something out of the window in my direction. I barely heard what he said, except "Polar bear!"

A few seconds later I heard the first flareshot, and a polar bear jumped into sight just behind my barrack!! 150 m infront of me!

It started to move away toward Longyearbreen, and the guy continued shooting flareshots to scare it away. It went quite slowly, taking curios looks back in our direction, and when it came to the old road by the hillside, it walked a long it for a while before it went down on the other side. At that time I was inside, watching the bear from my bedroom window! (calling friends and family to tell what happened). A few minutes later, the Governors/Sysselmannes helikopter were chasing after the bear, and we could see it once again walking on Longyeabreen glacier.

So from now on, don`t leave the barrack without a rifle!

PS: I will try to get someones picture of the bear when it was standing right behind the barrack, now I only have my own. I included a picture of one a flower I found, to show that it´s actually spring here now =)