torsdag 27. mai 2010

Yes, I have actually done schoolwork here as well

Even though it might look like from my blog, I have been doing other things than trips too. Other than the normal lectures, seminars and reading that follows University studies, I have worked with different plankton sampled here at Svalbard. The reason for our field-trip to Billefjorden and Isfjorden was to gather plankton for a project investigating the migration of plankton and spring blooms.

I was put on the group working with phytoplankton, the primary producers of the ocean. But I also worked with zooplankton, more specifically Calanus sp. (a copepod, and key species in the Arctic). I helped a friend of mine with some of the lab preparation for his bachelor thesis, and I had so much fun! And I think he appreciated the help as well, especially when we were sitting at Unis until 1.00 am taking pictures and registrating each individual form the samples... But it`s been a great experience, or else I would not do this vouluntarily (and yes, I am a bio-geek =p).

With the phytoplankton group I was investigating the spring bloom, when it started, had it`s peak, and were in the water masses it was, and if it was different in an ice-covered fjord or open fjord.

We are now finishing the project, and are representing our data`s tomorrow, and I have no idea on the overall results yet, as I worked with a small proportion of the whole project. But it will be interesting to see!

PS: I also put up a picture of Clione limacina (sea angel), as I am now completely amazed over these (relatively) small creatures. It started out as curiosity of some pictures in the hallway at Unis, then I decided to write about them in our compulsory essay, and I am completely fascinated by these animals! I was really happy when we actually caught 3 in Billefjorden so I could see them! And I can`t wait until the autumn, the sea will be filled with them (have to bring my diving equipment and camera!)

So enjoy!

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