tirsdag 11. mai 2010

Longyearbreen ice cave

To make another Monday a little more interesting, 3 other students + 3 visitors drove our scooters up to the ice cave of Longyearbreen glacier. Getting a little bit depressed because of the melting snow around Longyearbyen, I was so happy to see that up on the glacier there is still perfect skiing and scootering conditions!

The ice cave was so beautiful! For every second meter we walked, there was amazing icesicles and crystals to look at, and it was so cool to watch everything caught in the ice, and the different ice layers. The cave is really long, and we were walking for more than an hour! Usually it takes and hour to get to the end, but I was walking with 2 geophysists and a earth-science student, so we kept stopping and looking at structures for ages. And I really enjoyed it, because as a biologist (mostly a marine biologist), I don`t know anything about ice and glaciers! So it was really cool, their enthusiasm was catching me, and I learned a lot =) Nice to see someone being as eager as me when I´m at the shore or in the water, but over something completely different!

Even though we used a long time walking in, going back was very quickly as we did not have to stop for evey ice crystal to take a picture. But it was a really cool trip! It was so amazing to se how much space it was inside, even though the cave was narrow, it was so high! And there were huge icesicles everywhere! And a lot of palces we also found stones being caught by the ice, and sand and bubbles making really cool patterns inside the ice!

So I hope you enjoy the pictures!

PS: Btw, now that it is light all day and night, the midnight sun is completely messing up my day-rhythm! I never really get tired! And I don`t really need that much sleep, so it`s so easy to sleep too much and feel like a zombie the ret of the day. It`s impossible to tell if it is morning or evening without a watch, the pictures above is taken at 11.30 in the evening! And it looks the same the whole day! Benny is teasing me about my biological clock being synchronized every 10 minutes, and since there is no darkness during the night, my clock compensates by making me feel like night-time every time it is a clouded day instead of bright blue sky! When I arrived here I thought the polar night would make me depressed, it only made me need more sleep. I expected the midnight sun to affect me, but not nearly as much as this! Well, as long as it is blue sky outside, I am at least awake enough to read (though I`d rather go skiing), but sleeping is becoming an issue here...

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