søndag 9. mai 2010

Fixing and cleaning the student cabin in Bjørndalen

Since it the semester is closing up to the end, the Cabin Group decided to make a day of work at the student cabin in Bjørndalen. We needed to bring out supplies before scooters could not get there any more, and have a total cleaning of the whole cabin.

One group started quite early in the morning, I was in a group that joined later in the evening. When I arrived, all furniture and everything else was outside the cabin, some where busy making a new kitchen area or a new toilet, and some where cleaning the cabin. Luckily it was quite nice weather, so keeping stuff outside while working inside was not really a problem.

After some hours of work, during this time I had mostly been stadning on a bench cleaning the ceiling which was full of soot, a curious arctic fox showed up! Hehe, he was wondering what we were doing, and was sitting there watching us taking pictures of him =P He stayed quite close to, and showed up several times during the long day of work! Getting closer and closer to us every time =)

After some more hours, someone discovered the school of Belugawhales that was swimming a long the shore! They were so many, and having a lot of babies with them! It was an awesome sight, totally worth all the hard work we had done! They were swiming about 40 meters off shore, so me and a small group of people went down to the shore to get a closer look. It was such an amazing experience! Hehe, while we were there, we took a small trip a long the shore, and discovered a small cave =P

Oh, since it is getting into nesting-time, the mountains behind the cabin were just filled with birds! Making a lot of noise, and constantly flying along the mountainside in different speeds, it was a impressive sight =)

After quite many hours of work, I drove the first group that arrived home. (We had borrowed a car from unis, so we had no trouble bringing all the garbage back to town). When I came back again, the work was finished, and we brought the rest of the garbage back. I picked up the pulkas, so it would be easier to bring the trash back, and the last four of us were quite tired when we left the cabin at 3.00 am (in the morning), dragging pulkas filled with trash,

But it was a really great day, we got to do so much at the cabin! And seeing the Belugas and the Arctic fox in such a close distance, was just a priceless experience!

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