lørdag 15. mai 2010

Ending the scooter season with a last big trip: the East coast

Me and a friend were still not ready to let the scooter season go, so we decided to try for one last trip: The East coast. We both talked to people who had been out just a few days ago, and as far as we knew, the worst conditions of snow was in Adventdalen. There was so much snow that had melted, so there was a lot of ponds with slush and water. But that´s no problem as long as you have enough speed on the scooter, and I was so glad that for once I did not have a passenger, or else the scooter would have drowned. But when we came further out in Adventdalen and in to Eskerdalen, it was no problem of driving anymore.

So we went all the way to Agardhbukta wihtout any problems. We met a group of local people who also wanted a last trip. We did not see any polar bears, but several seals were lying on the ice. We drove a little bit out on the sea ice to have a better look, but still no bear. Then we figured we wanted to cross over to Svea, and drive home in another direction than we came.

When we started the way over to Svea, we found a lot of tracks going the same way. Suddenly, all the tracks turned another direction. We followed them to see where they ended, and found a group of people having a camp site at a glacier with the most beautiful view I´ve seen here! It was a dead end for us, but the view was totally worth the detour. On or way back to find the right way to Svea, we got caught in very low clouds. Then we decided to follow our gps back the same way, at least we knew the conditions there.

On our way, we stopped at Fredheim, to have a last view from here this season. We had a small lunch break there, before we went all the way back to Longyearbreen.

It was a really nice trip, even though it is sad to see all the snow melting away. But I had a great winter season up here, and a lot of awesome scooter trips, so I so glad for all the places I´ve been to =) It`s been amazing!

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