søndag 30. mai 2010

The day we watched a polar bear from school

While eating breakfast on Friday morning people were suddenly running in the hallways talking about a polar bear sleeping in Adventfjorden! Apparently a lot of drift ice had followed the currents and ended up in the fjord, and a polar bear had been sleeping on the ice. I got calls and messages form people telling me about the bear, asking me to bring cameras and binoculars. I used about 4 minutes finishing my breakfast and collecting stuff, and 2 minutes later I was sitting in a cab stuffed with excited students on our way to school!

Someone had put up a small telescope-ish thing on a tripod in the stairs of Unis, where most of my classmates where found. There was also a bunch of people on the roof watching the bear. Mostly it was sleeping, but once in a while it woke up, walked around probably a bit confused. Hehe, a lot of pictures were taken, and the binoculars were moving around faster than free pizza =P

How many places in the world can you see a polar bear form the window of your own university? =D
During the day, at any free minute, I went back to the roof or the telescope to watch the bear =) In the evening Sysselmannen/the Governor of Svalbard decided to bring it back to the east coast by helicopter, quite sedated. It was a really cool experience, even though it was a binocular-bear.

PS: Thanks to Kiya for the great picture of the bear!

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