lørdag 10. april 2010

An unexpected visit

I woke up one day before my Easter Holiday with this message on my cell phone: " Hi! We are arriving Longyearbyen today, have a package for you, hope to see you later!" from my uncle! He and his significant other had suddenly managed to get a hotel room at the start of the main tourist season, and was on their way for a little holiday! Hehe, I got so confused waking up to this message that I had to call my mom to see if she knew anything about this =P And then I was getting a little baffled, because what did my uncle have planned? And what could I bring them to do on such a short notice?

They were arriving with the afternoon flight, and I had to sit at school and wait, tortured by the though of this mysterious package my uncle was bringing. Then I was finally finished at school about the time they arrived the hotel, and it turned out to be a gift from my mom! She sent me a big packet of eastercandy! And a really good bread from my hometown! (yes, you read it, a bread! The bread prices are sooo expensive here, so a delicious bread from home was a great gift!)

It was so nice to see my uncle and his significant other again! They did not have anything special planned for the evening, so I invited them to come with me and see the moraine cave of Longyearbreen =) So later on, after I did some grocery shopping and tey had had a look around, we went to the cave. A friend of mine joined us, and I got us properly equipped with helmets, headlamps, beacons and suits. I think everyone enjoyed the trip, you can`t help to have a nice time when you are surrounded by shining crystals, huge rocks, and are sliding inside a beautiful cave! We had a cup of coffee/hot chocolate inside before we left (warm water, a thermos and instand coffee or hot chocolate powder is perfect up here!)

(Later that night, me and my friend started our Easter Holiday be sleeping outside, testing her new tent =P)

The day after, another friend was kind enought to lend me his snowscooter, so I brought my visitors to the radiostation on the other side of Adventdalen to enjoy the view and the sun! It was such a beautiful day =) We also went further into Adventdalen, to Jernsenga (where the 2 abandoned iron beds are), and had a great trip! After coming back, we had lunch/dinner at Huset and had really nice time =D

The day after my visitors had ordered a tour to Barentsburg, so I was free to prepare our kitchen fro the traditional Kitchen-to-kitchen-party! (I will make a own plea on this happening) But they must have had a great trip in such perfect Easter weather!

In the weekend, they invited me out for dinnner again, we ate at Kroa and Huset and had really good food! We also went to the Airship-museum and the Svalbard History museum, none of which I had been to before, so it was really cool :-) After the museums we went out to eat at Huset, and later that night they lelft home again. It was so great to have them here, it was really nice spending time with them =) It was a great start for my holiday!

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