fredag 23. april 2010

Skiing into the first night of Midnight sun!

From Monday 19th of April to Tuesday 20th of April was going to be the first night of Midnight sun! I wanted to see it for myself, so I asked around to see if anyone wanted to join me in a midnight skiitrip =) Two of my friends did, and at 23.20/11.30 pm we started to ski up Platåfjellet mountain. On the way we passed 2 reindeers who where lying in the snow, relaxing =P

Arriving at the top stunned me, the view was so amazing! And and the sun was there! My first Midnight Sun =D

We decided to ski up the next top too, since it was such a nice "night", and the view would probably become even more spectacular! When we came to the top, we even saw the student cabin in Bjørndalen, and far into Isfjorden and Adventdalen!

We had a really cool trip skiing down the hillsides again, passing the same reindeers as earlier (now gracing). After all that uphill, we could ski downhill for ever (it felt like)! It was an awesome trip!

We arrived Nybyen at 04.00, and I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow =P

So now there will be no more night up here, not before late September or early October! Only daylight all around!

Btw: Thanks to Calle for giving me his pictures, and letting me put it out on my blog!

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