søndag 25. april 2010

Scooter/ski trip to Drønbreen glacier

Yesterday me and 2 friends packed our skis, sleeping bag, mats and some food and clothes, and drove out to the moraine of Drønbreen glacier. Some friends of us had put up a basecamp about 10 kilometers up on the glacier, and we wanted to visit them and stay the night =) And for the first time I tried skiing with a pulka! (before I have only been sitting in one, being dragged up to my family`s cabin when I was a baby =P) [For those of you who don`t know; a pulka/pulk is kind of a sledge where you can put your luggage, instead of having a big backpack. The pulka is attached to you by some long metal tubes and a harness. It is easier to drag heavy luggage than to have to much on your back.) Since we had a tent with us, we wanted one of us to take a pulka, and the rest could use backpacks. Since I haver never been on a trip with pulka before, I decided to try it out.

We had a really nice ski trip up the glacier, mostly in sun. We came across a campsite where a dog sledge team had been, and there we lost the tracks of our friends that where already out there. We followed the dogsledge tracks for a while, walking a long time in shadow. When we finally reached the sunny side again, we also discovered our friends skiing tracks =) On the next top, we could see the camp of our friends!

We put up our tent, and made a cold pit inside the tent for trapping cold air. We also build a snow-wall around us to protect the tent from wind. After that, we made a hot meal, and all was gathered in our tent having tea, chocolate, snacks, and brownies that I baked. It was really nice =)

Hehe, you will not believe me, but during the night we all woke up being too warm inside our sleeping bags and tent, even when it was about -18 degrees outside =P Luxury-problem when you are camping in wintertime ;-) Other than that, we had a really nice "night" and slept very well =) I say "night", because it`s so light during night-time because of the midnight sun. But the sun was hidden for a few hours behind a mountain, so we had at least some shadow for a while.

After breakfast, we boiled snow for water, and packed everything. On our way back to the moraine and our scooters, we had mostly downhill and used about 1 hour getting back! We used 3 hours getting out to the camp! And it was such a nice trip, we had the wind in our backs, and sun all the way! After putting all the equipment on the sledge, we decided to take a longer scooter trip instead of going directly home. We drove out Helvetiadalen valley and De Geerdalen vally, and enjoyed the view at Elveneset. We also went to Diabasodden spit, where we had a great view over Sassenfjorden and Billefjorden! We went over Knorringbreen glacier and through Hanaskogdalen were we all got surprised to se Svalsat and eventually Longyearbyen! And the view was amazing! It was so cool to drive along the shore of Adventjorden, instead of reaching the town from Adventdalen valley!

So now I`ve been to my first real overnight skiing trip, and also used a pulka for the first time! It was really a great trip!

And now I am getting ready for the fieldtrip tomorrow, we are driving scooter to Billefjorden and are staying there overnight, sleeping on the sea ice! Hopefully we see some seal-babies, maybe even a polar-bear! Hopefully not too close though, and hopefully not in our camp... But it`s anyway going to be a great trip!

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  1. Hei Ida !!
    So how do you feel with ALL that snow around you ;-) ? I hope that you are enjoying your time up in the north :-D You toke amazing pictures by the way !
    All the best,

  2. Hei Anne-Sophie! All this snow makes me happy^^ Haha, I am not tired of it, I´m going to be so sad when it starts to melt... Thank you! I am having the best time here, it is so amazing up here!

    >Thanks for checking my blog! =D