fredag 23. april 2010

Relaxing stay at Bjørndalen cabin

Last weekend 3 friends of mine asked me if I wanted to join them on a trip from Bjørndalen valley to Grumant, a Russian ruin that is quite difficult to reach. As me and 2 other friends recently had been having a small cold, we decided to join cabin trip, but instead of skiing we stayed at the cabin, keeping the fire going and relaxing =) it was fairly windy when we arrived, so we were quite happy with our decision =)

We arrived the cabin Friday evening, after attending the Friday Gathering at Unis. I was driving my scooter out there, picking up coal on the way, and the rest would get there by car and walking. It was still icy on the way over the river valley, but I managed to get to the cabin without any problems. I immediately got the fire going, as it was minus degrees inside when I arrived. When everyone arrived, we had something to eat, and had a nice evening/night.

The next morning, it was sunny (and windy), and some went off to Grumant. The rest of us stayed at the cabin. We sat outside in the sun, which was really nice, and had a walk down to the sea shore. We were looking for seabirds in the cliffs and curious seals in the water. Sadly we did not see much, but it was still a really nice trip.

Staying at the cabin in peace and quiet, doing nothing more than relaxing (or a bit nitting), it was such a nice start on the weekend!

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