lørdag 10. april 2010

The Kitchen-to-kitchen-party!

There are 2 big events that are a tradition for students here: The Icebreaker Party, and the Kitchen-to-kitchen-party (k2k)!
There is supposed to be a theme in each kitchen, it has to be properly decorated, have music fitting, and of course: a drink that fits the theme! And we have to dress up for our theme

The floor I live in decided to cooperate on the theme, which ended up being "Under the Sea!". We had a lot of fun discussing possible costumes, decorations and drink. I made the drinks for the occasion, green jelly shots with candy fish inside! We had a lot of fish made from thick paper and aluminum foil, and a huge shark! And some seaweed, seahorse, dolphin, and octopus on the walls =) Hehe, being the bio-geek that I am, I dressed up as a green algae! =D

During the party we started up in a Top Gun kitchen, went to the Beach,to Hell, witnessed a wedding between two best pals, went to Russia, visited the hobos, and much more! We were quite a lot of people, so it wasn`t easy getting in to all the kitchens! And everyone had done a great job decorating, and there were so many cool outfits!

It was a great start on our vacation!

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