søndag 11. april 2010

Getting more and more light

These pictures is taken in the middle of the night! With no adjustment on the camera! We have no more night up here now, it is very light during night time, and the days are getting longer and longer. 19 th of April is supposed to be the first day with midnight sun, form then on we don`t have any more sunrise or sunsets. I do get confused in the late evenings, because me being tired does not quite fit with the daylight outside =P We now have more daylight than any other settlement in the world! There is very few places where people live which is more north than Svalbard. After arriving here in the Polar Night, I will have no more nights for a while. No more darkness, only more and more sun =) Hehe, it`s going to be difficult when the exam period arrives, with sun outside all day and hopefully some good weather, everyone is more likely to be out skiing than reading! That is, if the snow will stay =S It is already too little snow compared to what it usually is here, and much warmer than it is supposed to be at this time of the year. Or so I am told, at least.

So we will see... I am hoping that the snow will stay longer, so I can get some more skiing trips and scooter trips! And it will be cool to experience the Midnight Sun too=)

Which is coming very soon!

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