søndag 14. mars 2010


My room feels so empty here now that all my visitors have left... But hey, it was awesome seeing them again! So fun to give them an impression of my life here in Svalbard, and it was great hanging with them! And now I really miss them!

Too bad my friends left in the beginning of the Solfestuka, which is a week dedicated to celebrate that the sun is coming back to Longyearbyen! The sun was supposed to come on Monday, but it was too cloudy for it to be seen... Also Tuesday was too cloudy, but this did not stop the celebration! There`s been a lot of concerts and happenings here, something new happening every day =) Even though I had a busy week at school ( for the first time this semester=P), I still managed to attend some of the concerts and parties! Yesterday (Saturday), was the last day of the Solfestuka, and that was spend outside Longyearbyen on the other side of Adventdalen valley. I´m pretty sure the whole town was out there! The reason why we went outside the town, was engage in and watch the Ta Sjangsen/ Take a Chance competition! It is a sledge-competition, where being creative is the aim =) This year a new record was set with 22 sledges! The UNis-students where doing most of the practical for this competition, but we also had some students joining the race. The ledges could win one of four categories, The Gold Medal, The Sillver Medal (for first and second place winning the race), The Coal Medal (most original sledge), and The Fossil Medal (the biggest fiasco). There was really a lot of creative sledges there! At the first half of the race I was standing far up in the mountainside above everyone, with a clear vision, being polar bear guard during the contest. Luckily I did not see any polar bears, and I had a good view of the sledge race too!

And I have never ever seen so many snowscooters in one place! It looked like there where more snowscooters present than people!

After the competition was over, me and a friend drove further in Adventdalen for a small scooter trip =) It is really cool, the valleys here really look like canyons, just covered in snow. We went to an area called Jernsenga (Iron bed), because right here in the middle of nowhere there is 2 iron beds standing outside! And an old oven. My friend told me that there are several stories for why the beds are there, no one really know why.

In the evening, the ending of the Solfest was held at Huset, 2 concerts and a big party. And a lot of people! Now the Solfest is over, and the sun is staying longer and longer in town. In not too long, the sun will stay here 24 hours a day! So I am getting ready to see the Midnight Sun!

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  1. Hei frøken!
    Ikke helt som solfesten på Rjukan, men sikkert en opplevelse. :-)

  2. Hei, frøken!
    Ikke helt som solfest på Rjukan, men en fin ny opplevelse. Ikke sant?