torsdag 4. mars 2010

Ice cave and more amazing pictures!

Today I brought all of my friends (Wouter, Matthias, Lena, Marte and Natalie) that are visiting me to the moraine cave at Longyearbeen glacier =) I had not been there before my self, but I new it was a cave with easy access and without any need for equipment. Except helmet and headlamp. It was so cool! Really, really amazing, I got so fascinated by the formation of the ice and icesicles, and how the glacier was carrying stones! So I am so happy that we went there, because everyone was appreciating it =) hehe, but some places inside the cave we had to really crawl to get inside, and it was a little bit claustrophobic =P and most of the ground was covered in ice, so we had quite funny ways of moving around there ( I think Wouter feel I had the strangest way of moving =P). Haha, we even had to drag ourselves up by a rope that was attached inside, it was to slippery to crawl up by ourselves! The cave was going a little bit upwards, so when we came to the end of it, and had taken the pictures we wanted, we where just sliding down all the way to the entrance! Haha, it was really cool! But the entrance was filled with snow, so going out was a slower process than sliding down the cave. That´s why me and Wouter went up again to slide down once more ^^

I am so happy that Matthias let me have some of his pictures from both the trip last weekend, and the cave today, so all of these cool pictures are taken by him! Thank you! =D (I hope it is okay that I put up that many...)

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  1. Utrolig flotte bilder! ^^ Og virket spennende å besøke en isgrotte, om enn litt klaustrofobisk :p