fredag 5. mars 2010

Climbing up to an old mine in the middle of the night is not curing my hyper-active imagination!

So after some pancakes and getting warm after the ice cave trip, Matthias, Wouter, me and Lena went up to Mine 2B. Not only is it a steep slope up there, the snow was covering a never-ending layer of ice, making us sliding down backwards while trying to get up. But such an amazing view up there! So cool to watch the lights from the town, and see it form above! And then we went in to the mine =) It was really cool (as long as we had light), everything is well preserved because of the low temperatures here. We started to climb up the stairs to investigate the rest of the mine, it was so scary! The stairs where never-ending, and it was completely dark (except for our headlamps), we did not even see where it ended! And then we came up to a bigger room, with a small rail for the wagons that where used to move the coal. Again, completely dark, and soo creepy! The guys where getting really excited, taking a lot of pictures, while I was getting more and more freaked out by my own imagination! They guys understood quite quickly that practical jokes might as well get them killed by the state of me and Lena`s mind there and then. (Good thing we don`t need to bring a rifle up to the mine, that might have ended badly) We moved further and further into the building, checking out an old equipment room and office, before we found a small exit. When we came outside, we had an amazing view, and Northern Lights where glowing above Larsbreen, Longyearbreen and Sarkofagen! It was awesome! Ironically, me and Lena got hypnotized by the cool eyes from a polar fox, reflecting the lights form our headlamps =) Strange how being outside and watching unknown eyes in the dark was getting us excited, but being inside in complete darkness with no life present other than us were creeping us out =P And dammit, we got to an entrance where it was too high above the ground to go down that way, so we had to go all the way back in the scary, dark mine and down the creepy stairway! And on top of that, the stairs were full of snow entering from small openings in the wall, and most of the handrail where destroyed, so almost nothing to hold on too! No wonder we partly walked, partly slided downwards! I even slided down several times, and discovered today that my arm was hurting form that. But when we came down to the hall with lights in the ceiling, it was freaky anymore (luckily). Hehe, and then it was a matter of getting down again =P Rather than stumbling down and breaking something, I just sat down in the snow and slided down =P It was awesome, so fun! Haha, we were down on the road in about 10 minutes, sliding down the whole mountainside!

It was a really cool trip! Freaky and totally scary, but awesome!

And once again Matthias let me use his pictures, so all these are taken by him =) ( I will put up some of mine later on )

4 kommentarer:

  1. Oh my god! That was the most scary trip ever!! I really thought I was going to die ! I hated those stairs!! But it was all worth it when we went (or slided) back down again :D that was so awsome :D:D

  2. haha, sliding down the mountainside was aesome! But yeah, I really thought we where going to die too...

  3. Skummelt! O.o Får alltid en sånn innestengt følelse av å være under bakken, hadde vært en dårlig dverg :p

  4. Me kom oss ikkje inn i gruva som går under bakken, me va bare i ytter-bygget som e i fjellsida =) men d va skummelt nok, va så mørkt der inne! Prøvde å distrahera meg sjøl med å kikka på iskrystallene i taket ;)