søndag 21. mars 2010

2 adventurous trips!

Yesterday was perfect for any kind of trip, and we managed to get 2 incredible ones! At noon, we started to drive from Nybyen to Bjørndalen on snowscooter. We wanted to drive far into Bjørndalen valley and see if we could make it up one of the plateaus above the valley. The weather was perfect! Sun, no clouds, no wind, not too cold, and even the ocean was calm! It was really cool driving along the shore, watching both impressive snow covered mountains and clear, never-ending sea! We carried on into the valley, driving carefully away from the grazing reindeers around us. The valley started out being very wide, but as we got further in it became more and more a narrow canyon! We followed some scooter tracks in the canyon to see where we ended up. It was an awesome ride! The canyon was really narrow, full of sharp turns, sideways slopes, and a lot of bumps, we really got to test our scooter skills in there! It was great! On one side of the canyon we had a slope totally covered with snow, and the other side was bare mountain with huge icesicles! We finally reached a dead end, an open area surrounded by steep slopes, so we turned back and headed for the student cabin in Bjørndalen to have lunch. Hehe, the trip out of the canyon was of course as tricky and challenging as the way in, but it was so much fun! So cool to see what I am able to do with the snowscooter! I had not been to the student cabin before, it was so nice inside! It really reminded me on the cabins home, so now I am definitely looking forward to spend some time there in the Easter Holiday! I was feeling just like home :-) All 6 of us had lunch, something warm to drink and chocolate,just relaxing inside a bit. The view form the cabin was very nice, we could see the open ocean and the other side of Isfjorden. I can only imagine how impressive it must have been for the students last semester that saw Belugawhales from the cabin!

After our lunch, we drove back to Longyearbyen. It was an incredible trip! After getting warm again, and getting some more food, we decided to continue the day with another trip. We drove to Coles Bay, visitting the Russian ruins there! These ruins is from the mining days of Russia, and a lot of the buildings are still standing. We went inside some of the buildings, finding a lot of leftover stuff from the Russians. All ruins on Svalbard is now Cultural Heritage, and it is pretty interesting to see all the things still being here =)

We headed back before it started to get dark, but closing up to Longyearbreen glacier my scooter suddenly refused to move! the variator belt was completely destroyed, but luckily I always have an extra one with me. And thanks to the scooter course we had at aschool, we knew what to do. Our first problem was to get the new variator belt warm enough to put it in place, it was so cold that it was totally stiff! Next, we had some problems moving the metal rings the belt is supposed to be between. Luckily, we had some friends not too far away from us, they where working on another scooter that stopped. So thanks to them, I got the belt properly on and could drive home without any more problems =) I can´t believe the luck I had on the trip! What if the variator belt quit on my far into Bjørndalen, or even in Coles Bay?! So I am grateful to my lucky star or guardian angel that it happened so close to town, and so close to help =)

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  1. so masse flotte bilder, ser ut so du fortsatt har da knall kjekt! :) miss Svalbard!!