fredag 26. februar 2010

A visit form my sisters!

For 4 days now I´ve had a great time with my sisters up here! They´ve been a little unlucky with the weather here though, on Wednesday it was very windy and snowing, total white out conditions! I had planned a scooter trip for us then, but it was impossible to see anything while driving... But at least we had a great day yeasterday, with clear sky and nice weather! In the morning we went to Villmarksenteret to go on a dog sledge trip, it was fantastic! We all got to try do ride the dogslegde on the trip, and tried to sit in the sledge while travelling! We had quite a lot of wind, but we brought skiigoggles, so we had no problems =)

Hehe, the dogs are really clever, they know how to do thei´re job! Whenever we had to cross ice, the dogs automatically choose the shortest distance over the ice! Me and Siw where riding together, and we had the most eager dogs! whenever we had to stop, our dogs where crying, jumping, and trying to run forward! The other dogs where just sitting down, quietly and waiting. But our dogs where a little bit slow, I think they where saving energy, because on the way home they suddenly gained speed! It was an awesome trip!

On the way back to the town, we stopped by the Polar bear sign to take a picture. I think the Italians, that where on the same sledge-trip, was really happy about that!

Then we finally went on a scooter trip! A fellow student here where kind enough to go with us, so I could bring both of my sisters at the same time =) 2 more students also joined us. We went up Longyearbreen glacier to see the view there, and then we also went to the ice cave on Longyearbreen! Hehe, we had a small breake inside, drinking hot chocolate and tea inside the ice!

And late this night we also got to see some Northern Lights! Ana was very happy about that, because she had never seen it before =)

But now my sisters have left, and my room is not so stuffed anymore... I actually think my room was much more cosier when we were 3 people living there, it was cosy with all the stuff!

But at least I am getting a visit from some friends now, and even more is coming soon! And hopefully tomorrow, we will go on a scooter trip to a cabin during the weekend!

Take care!

Ps: please guys, write a small comment so I get a idea of someone reading my blog =) Thanks!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg leser i hvet fall bloggen din:) Kjempekjekt!
    Ser ut som du har det veldig bra - og at de som var på besøk hadde det fint! Ha det bra!
    tante Gerd Olaug

  2. I had an amazing time with you in Svalbard Ida : DD
    Thank you for everything and enjoy the paradise : DDD

    Mange kyss : )**

    Ana Luiza

  3. Hei frøken!
    Vi følger med selv om det ikke ser sånn ut. Bare fortsett!

  4. Takk for ein fantastisk tur! :)
    - Siw

  5. Såg utrolig gøy ut å prøve hundeslede! :D

  6. Takk tante! I had an amazing time with you and Siw, Ana =) Silje: Hundeslede va utrolig gøy! Ein gang ska eg på ein 5- elle 10-dagers hundesledetur, d bare må opplevas!