tirsdag 9. februar 2010

Super Bowl!

Last Sunday 20-30 students gathered in school at 24.00 (midnight) to watch the super bowl on big screen! Several of the students here are Americans, so it was fun to actually get an explanation to the game while we watched =) (For those of you America, super bowl is not a big thing in Europe, most people don´t care about this event. Which, as I understood, is one of the big events in America. At least Northern America). The winer of the Super Bowl 2010 was the Saints (from New orleans I think?). I was told they was playing the super bowl for the first time, so no one expected them to win! Congratulations Saints-fans!

But it was nice, and cool to walk around in the school in pyjamas, since it was so late =P We spent most of the night watching the game, so it was a heavy day at school on Monday! But I got a chance to bring my awesome dragon slippers to unis, which I am by the way now wearing in my classes at school =P

Now it is getting more and more light every day! Today it was really a light blue sky, as bright as it can get without direct sun rays! Me and my finnish friend took advantage of the nice weather and went up Longyearbreen glacier, so I finally got to try the skins on my Alpine Touring skiis! Which I adjusted my self =)It was a really nice trip walking up the glacier, but walking with the alpine skiis are way different than walking with mountain skiis/crosscountry skiis! It was really heavy! But it wasn´t the first time I got o try my skiis, only first time with skins. Last Saturday I got to try the skiis for the first time, going up the glacier on snowscooter with 2 friends, skiing down Fadalen valley and using the scooter to get up again! We split turns on who was picking up the others and who was skiing down, but I had so much fun on the scooter that I was driving most of the time =) I was quite happy with that, and I think the boys where too =P After that we followed Fadalen for a small trip, and it was amazing! The mountains are breathtaking! I hope I can go there again, and next time I will try to get some pictures! Unfortunately I lost one of my gloves on the way up to the glacier, but hey; it´s a small world! My Neighbor found it when she was skiing! Hehe, so luckily I got it back =) Today I lost a disk from one of my skiipoles, I really hope I get lucky again, and someone finds it...

Anyway, me and my classmates don´t have class tomorrow, so we are hoping for nice weather so we can go skiing! Hopefully it will be no clouds, so we can go skiing in light conditions in stead of polar nights!

Take care, and be aware of avalanches!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Dragetøfler <3

    Og høres ut som et perfekt sted for ski^^ Har gått masse skiturer i skogen her hjemme no, men ser for meg det er litt andre forhold der oppe ja;)

  2. Drage! <3

    D e heilt fantastisk å gå på ski her! Fjellene her tar bare pusten fra meg, de e så flotte! =) Men litt uvant å ha så mye fjell og ikkje et einaste tre i nærheten ;) Kos deg masse i skogen der hjemma, d e sikekrt ein fortryllende stemning der! =D