tirsdag 16. februar 2010

The sun is back!

Today, I left the barrack at 9.30 to go to Trollsteinen, because the sun was going to com above the mountaintops! I used my new AT-skis, and I am really not used to go skiing with such heavy skis and boots on my feet! So I had to walk slow up the hills, it was quite hard, but totally worth it! And of course it´s not less heavy when I had so much equipment with me! I had a rifle, rounds for it, a signal pen with flare shots, shovel, avalanche probe, avalanche beacon, of course food and drink, and spare clothes. Everything necessary. I´ve never carried that much equipment while skiing before!

When I came to Trollsteinen, I was of course not the only one up there to see the sun. Several students and some local people where there, most of them had not seen the sun since last october! When I started to ski up Trollsteinen, I already though I was to late to see the sun, but I arrived just in time! Hehe, that was good, because then I did not have to stand there and freeze like the ones that where already up there =P

It was so nice! I really missed the big, burning ball in the sky, it was nice to see it again! But I am pretty sure it was even better for the ones who stayed here since last semester, of course =) And in this quiet place, it was funny to hear the cheering when the sun was rising above the top! And it was really cool to watch it rise =) Hehe, we had to watch closely, because it barely arouse so we could se the whole circle-shape, and then it started to sink again. So basically we have been at Trollsteinen from sunrise to sun-dawn (actually, we´ve been there for 3 sunrises and sun-dawns, because it peeped up behind the next mountaintop, sinked again, and peeped up again =P).

The view from Trollsteinen was amazing! It was spectacular! And the trip down was awesome, expecially when we found long distances with wonderful powdered snow! Some places I really just wanted to go up again, just so I could ski down a second time!

And later today, my day got even better when I got a package from my boyfriend! <3 I got a really nice gift from him, a polar bear pendant =) And the money for the necklace goes to the protection of polar bears :-) Thank you!

Can´t wait to see the sun again! =D

4 kommentarer:

  1. wow! the sun is finally back there! after 120 days of night!!! :) I think it's a nice experience! I'd love to live there ^^
    I'm andrea by the way,nice to meet you :)))

  2. Så nydelig... ble rørt av bildet eg, må virkelig ha vært et magisk øyeblikk :)

  3. Nice to meet you Andrea =) The sun is not yet back in Longyearbyen, but now we don´t have to go far see it! It´s amazing!

    It really was a magic moment^^