lørdag 20. februar 2010

The second time seeing the sun!

Last Thursday me and a friend went up to Longyearbreen glacier on my snowscooter to watch the sun! It was so wonderful to see it again! And this time it stayed up for quite some time compared to last time I saw it =) I think it will take very few days before we see it in Longyearbyen city, and the days will have m more and more daylight! A lot of other people joined us as well, many wanted to see the sun. Also, many brought thei´re skiis, because it is perfect powder in the hillsides!

After we came back, we just had a quick meal before we went out skiing again! THis time we went to Larsbreen glacier. It was really nice outside, the moon was finally up again, and the sky was clear so we could see the stars, and then we had fantastic snow when we went down!

Great trips!

3 kommentarer:

  1. ahah that's good! : )))))
    ehhe In april you'll have the midnight sun,i'd like to see it! :) <3

  2. hey can you add me on your follower? : )))

  3. I´ll make a post when the midnight sun comes! Hehe, I have plans for skiing on the glacier at midnight ;) I´ll try to take pictures of it, now I am looking forward to see the sun in town! It´s still amazing to watch it up on the glaciers and mountaintops =D