lørdag 20. februar 2010

The day we made pancakes on the top of Longyearbreen!

Today I had an amazing day at Longyearbreen glacier! We started to skii up to see the sun, and we brought some pancake batter to make pancakes when we arrived! We made a cosy place for us to sit in the snow (with mats, of course), made some delicious pancakes, skied down the hills in perfect powder snow! We even made a skii-jump in one of the hills! We had so much fun, we stayed there for the whole day! But in -17 degrees we have to make sure no one is cold, so everyone was jumping around, running up hills, bringing the skiis so they could skii down. And of course we take good care of each other, making sure everyone get something to eat, something warm to drink, and stay happy =)

Take care! =)

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