lørdag 16. januar 2010

Safety Course = McGyver course!

So now we´re finished with the safety course, and it´s been so cool and fun! I have tried so many things in such a short time, no wonder I´m exhausted now! The funny thing is, half the course is about how to avoid dangerous and difficult situations, the other half have been like "How-to-think-like-McGyver"-course. Basically just learning about our equipment, and how many different things we can use it for other than what it´s ment to do =P Which of course have been really cool!

On Thursday, the coolest lecture was the Sea Ice (or Ice is Nice) course. After some theory, we changed to snowmobile suits and took a belt car to the ice, were we jumped into a hoe and tried to get up again! I did it too, it was freezing! While in the water I was of course most concerned about getting up! When I managed that, I was extremely cold! And my boots were filled with water, they probably was weighing at least 5 kg each! On the way back we had to sit very still, once we moved we could just feel the freezing water cooling down the body... But it was a really good experience, and such an adrenaline kick!

Yesterday (Friday) I had the emergency equipment course and glacier course. We were practicing on putting up tent, and how to bring hurt people safely in the tent. We went trough the emergency equipment boxes unis have made for us, so we would be familiar with the content. This was very interesting, then we know what we can look for if we ever need it! (hopefully, this won+t happen). We also practiced how to use a primus, and how to make a trip wire. The trip wire is extremely essential! It alarm us if any polar bear is getting too close, and it´s very easy to put up. We also triggered some trip wires, to see how it worked =)
The glacier course was very interesting! We learned different knots to use if we have to rescue someone falling in a crevasse/ crack in the glacieer, and we also practiced this. I was the test bunny on this, and was brought down 4-5 m straight in the air with the rope system we used! It was really cool! I´ve never done any climbing before, so I´ve never tried hanging down along a rope. It was a very good experience!

Today we had a practical day! We went to the moraine of the Longyearglacier, and had a simulated avalanche with 5 "people" caught! So we really got to use what we learned during the course! After that, we were supposed to make an emergency camp at a simulated snowmobile accident, and the weather was perfect for a realistic attempt! Very windy, snowing and of course dark! i was one of the "injured" people, so I didn´t get to try much except how it felt like lying in the snow waiting for help, and being tumbled in a Jervenduk to protect me from the environment. After this we had a glacier operation, really practicing how to rescue people down in cravasses/cracks at the glacier!
After this, we had a written exam from the whole course. This course is so intensive that we actually get some studypoints/ESCTS for it =)
And we ended the course with a small party and a lot of home made pizza at the cosy cantina at school =)

So now I´m really tired after this week, it´s been so intens! But way cool! I´ve learned a lot! And now I´m just looking forward for tomorrow, playing kayackpolo and maybe climbing! There´s so much to do here, and I can´t wait to start! I am also looking forward to start the studies, I think it will be really cool =D There will be some great fieldtrips, and with all these cool people, I am sure it will be a great semester!

So I had an awesome week!

Take care! And look out for crevasses!

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  1. Her kommer kommentar^^

    Må først bare si at det ser ut som du har det utrolig gøy der oppe! :D Utrolig stilig (og bra) at dere får lære alt dere gjør, er jo absolutt kunnskap som kan komme godt med både no og seinere. Sjøl om det virket litt skummelt å måtte hoppe uti iskaldt vatn :p Men gratulerer med bestått MacGyver-kurs ihvertfall *ler*

    Når begynner selve studiene? Du får ha lykke til ihvertfall, spesielt med lesing når det er så mørkt (syns det er gale nok her eg *ler*).

    Kos deg masse videre, så følger vi spent med på kordan det går! Hilser masse fra Lars Christian^^

  2. Hei Silje!

    Det iskaldte vannet var verre når jeg kom opp =P Vind og minusgrader kommer seg så vidt gjennom scooterdressen... Men det var litt av et kick!

    Nå har vi begynt skolen, og jeg gleder meg allerede til feltkursene vi skal på! Da kommer ihvertfall McGyver-kunnskapene til nytte ;) det blir spennende! Men er litt spent på hvordan det blir å lese med dette mørket, men så langt har jeg ikke blitt påvirket av det =) vi får se hvor lenge jeg holder ut ;) Hehe, men rundt kl 12 med lite skyer kan vi faktisk skimte litt lys i horisonten, det er helt ekstremt hvor mye man setter pris på et glimt av blå himmel når man kun lever i svart =P

    Håper dere får et spennende semester i Bergen! Nyt sola for meg!!

    Hils masse til Lars Christian^^