torsdag 7. januar 2010

OMG, I´m soon leaving the mainland!

I woke up today and realized that I am actually leaving tomorrow! It is so strange, because I`ve talked about studying at Svalbard since I entered highschool, and now I am actually going!

I can probably say I am well prepared, because for Christmas I got about 100 woolen socks and wool underwear from friends and family =P So at least I won´t freeze!

And right now I´m trying to figure out how I am supposed to put all the stuff I want to bring, in just one suitcase! I have big plans for kidnapping Dad´s huge suitcase...

Anyway, I am really looking forward to go! And I am lucky, because I will travel with two friends I met at my University =) I am sure we will have a great time up there! And I am looking forward to meet the other students up there!

I am pretty sure I´m in for alot of exciting experiences, and I will try my best to share them with you here at my blog :-)

So I hope you will enjoy this blog, and wish me and my friends a nice trip and good luck!
And please write comments whenever there´s some pictures or stories you find interesting!

PS: Thanks to my little sister for helping me with this blog!

PPS: I´ll guess you noticed that I´m writing in English, even though I am Norwegian. I just want all my friends to appreciate this page including my international friends!

See you later!

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