tirsdag 12. januar 2010

My Birthday at Svalbard =)

My Birthday started in a really nice way, with 25 of the students here singing me the Happy Birthday at a random party =)

When I woke up in the morning, I actually started to bake my own Birthday cake! I was thinking; Since I couldn´t celebrate at home, I at least want it to be cosy! Later on I went out with a friend to go sledging down hills, it was really fun! And after that I made a really nice dinner for me and my friends ( I´m kind of bossy when it comes to good food, I always wanna make it myself =P ) And it was so nice when people joined us! Hehe, but I think they just came for the cake ;-) It was still nice though^^

And I got presents! Mum had sneaked a present into my suitcase, and I managed to wait until my Birthday to open it! Thanks Mum! And 2 of my friends here also gave me a present, something for use out in the cold called a balaclava. It protects your head, nose and mouth from the cold. It´s brilliant! I also managed to save my gifts from my Aunts and Cousins, I was very happy about that =)
( And I also have to mention that I celebrated my Birthday with my friends back home before I left! I got alot of nice presents, and even more woolen socks! Thank you! ;-)

So all in all, I had a really nice Birthday here at Svalbard! Meeting more nice, new people, and having a great time =) and a great cake! X-D

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