tirsdag 12. januar 2010

A little bit about where I live

As I said before, it is totally dark here, so a bit difficult to take pictures. But some have been asking me how it look like in the barrack I live in, so I´ll show some pictures =)

I think the kitchen is really nice, I share it with about 6 people, and they are all very cool =) The kitchen decoration on the other hand is very strange and funny! My own room I decorated a little bit with some posters and calendars, and something I got from a really close friends right before I left Norway :-) But I´m probably going to get some pictures of all my friends and hang on the wall too!

There is a hattifnatt right outside my room!! o.O (Se picture above) I used to be so scared of them when I was a kid... But it´s okay now, it´s kind of cute =)

I´m not sure if I mentioned this before, but because of all the snow, no one is allowed the wear shoes inside. There are shelves in the hallway in every building, so you have to wear thick socks or nice slippers inside =) I´m planning to have some cool slippers when we start studying =P

I don`t have the skills of my boyfriend when it comes to taking pictures in a room, so don`t complain!

And remember to make some comments, sometimes, please! So I know that there are people checking my blog =)

Until later, enjoy every sunbeam for me! Because it is really dark here!

Ida =)

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