lørdag 9. januar 2010

Impressions after about 24 hours

So far, it´s amazing here!
The mountains surrounding are really amazing, and I love the town :-)

Today, I went for a walk with my friends, to check out where everything. Haha, there are about 5 sports equipment shops here! or 6, I lost the counting =P and 1 clothing store =P
We also went to do some grocery shopping, since its my Birthday tomorrow I want something nice to eat :-) and we also needed other stuff, it is limited how much you bother to buy when you have to carry it for about 1,5-2 km.

It was nice to walk around in the main shopping street. There where alot of light above the street and close to the road. The light above the shopping street had what looked like Christmas lights. It´s kind of a cosy mood when you walk, surrounded by snow and dark, but the road is lightened up =)

So far I haven´t seen the Aurora Borealis, Northern Light, but I met some guys who skiied up to the glacier, and they saw some in the distance. I am really looking forward to see it! I´ve seen it before, but now it´s starting to be a few years ago. But I remember how it lightened up the whole valley at my family´s cabin, and it so fantastic! So I hope I will see it soon!

My friends and I also went down to the Unis center, to see where we are going to school. It is a really cool building, so I will try to get a picture of it some day.

On the way home again ( there is about 3 km from the barracks we live in, to the unis center), we stopped by the Athletic hall. I can´t wait to start swimming again, I think I will love the pool! There was also a good ( I only guess, I don`t know anything about climbing) climbing wall. 2 of my friends are "huge climbers", so I think they were really happy about that =) I really want to try too, because you can go Ice Climbing here, which sound like an exciting challenge to me! And eventually, I think I will enjoy the kayack polo here, it´s really time for me to get back in a kayack!

Another thing that is really nice here, is the silence! It´s marvellous! The only sound you hear is the sound of some snowscooter´s, and of course that doesn´t bother my because I really want to try one! ( That´s a understatement, I would actually really like to buy one! How often do you have a chance to ride a snowscooter to school!?)

So yet, I don`t think the dark will be a big problem, at least I am staying positive =) hehe, but we´ll see when I start school and is supposed to read, I always get extra tired studying while it´s dark... But we´ll see=)

Now I´m just hoping I´ll have a fun Birthday tomorrow! Maybe I´ll go skiing or something =)

I´ll try to put out some more pictures eventually!

See you!

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