søndag 31. januar 2010

Blown away!

No, we are not getting ready to go on an expedition, field-trip or skiing trip... We are getting ready to go shopping! It´s been so windy here, it is amazing! The power of the wind is so damn strong, people have literally been lifted in the air and suddenly finding themselves on the ground, pushed by the wind! I was quite happy that I didn´t have class those days (cancelled because the lecturer didn´t arrive, thanks to the above mentioned bloody weather). I was quite happy with staying inside most of the time, but we had to do some grocery shopping finally... Luckily the wind went weaker at that time. It´s the first time ever I have seen people needing skiing goggles to go to school! But the bloody wind have taken away all the amazing powdered snow =( And all the changes in the weather have caused major avalanche risks here... So now we are hoping for a really cold, long-lasting period with more snow. It has to come soon, because I got some new skiis I am dying to try!

We are getting light! Well, actually twilight, but during the polar night up here you won´t believe how much we wake up when the sky turns from black to light blue. Hehe, we get really awake and eager. And it was so beautiful when we had pre-sunrise sky (the sun has not returned yet) in the south, and clear sky with a bright full moon in the north! I could actually see the mountains north if us clearly! Every day the twilight gets brighter for a longer period, if we are lucky with the weather and get a clear sky... And it really is strange to realize how much impact this "light" affects me, I really do appreciate it!

And I finally got some pictures from the Kayak Polo! ( Kayak-pictures taken by Alexi, thank you! ) It is so much fun! Hehe, but it´s completely different than kayaking my own kayak, I had to reform all my moves! But I have managed to mage a few goals and save some goals by now, so I will keep practising!

And I am also doing progress slack-lining! It has become my new hobby on Friday nights =) Hehe, walking around in the cantina at school while every body else are having a beer, you will find me on the rope =P

Oh, btw, I have never baked so much my entire life! The bread up here is so expensive, that most of us are baking our own! And of course that is way better (and cheaper) and the bread from the store =P

Send some snow to me, please!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Så fine bilder! Og kan virkelig forstå at det må være herlig å bare se en lysning i horisonten etter alt det mørket :)

    Men håper dokker har fått mindre vind og mer snø! Her har vi ihvertfall snø i massevis *prøve å sende via pc*

  2. D e virkelig herlig å se lysere himmel her! Tenk kossen d føles for dei som har vært her siden i fjor, og ikkje har sett lyset siden oktober! Vinden har heldigvis gitt seg nå, og heldigvis har me fått mer kulde =) Håpe snøen din komme fram her snart^^ Kos dokke masse me snøen der hjemme!