lørdag 9. januar 2010

Arriving at Svalbard

Foto: Ida Helene, taken at the outside of the Airport

After a 3 Hour delay of the flight, we finally arrived Svalbard at 17.00 Norwegian time. Hehe, we almost didn´t realize that we would land soon, because it was so dark that we didn´t see the airport. We did see a few lights from some cars and a few houses, but for most we didn´t see anything. 2 students from Unis (University Center In Svalbar) met us there, we where about 15 new students arriving. We got some information before our luggage came, and a reflecting devise! Hehe, of course we will need it, because it´s completely dark during the whole day!

I am not really sure how everyone managed to get all our luggage inside the old buss, of course everyone had alot of stuff with them! Personally I had a 27 kg suitcase, a fullpacked skiicase, another bag and a small backpack. But finally we started to drive, and there was so many more buildings than I expcected! Everyone who have been there have told me how small it is, so I didn´t really expect all the barracks, official buildings and way more shops than I expected. But only one grocery shop though. I would like to take some pictures, but it´s too dark so get a good picture, so I promise I´ll play paparazzi in town when the sun comes and stays a little bit longer than a few minutes. That would probably be in late March or beginning of April :-P

But we got to our barrack in Nybyen, and I like it here =) After shopping some food and having dinner, I unbacked and made the room more like my home. I am so happy I brought some posters, and 2 great calenders (Christmas and Birthday gifts!) are decorating my wall :-)

And then I fell asleep =)

Today I am going to investigate Longyearbyen, check out the shops and figure out where the Unis-building is. There is alot of nice fellow students here, so we will probably check out the town together! And I know there´s alot of cool stuff to do here, in the sports hall people do kayackpolo, climbing, and alot of other cool stuff! So I think I will have a great time here!

I will tell you more later!

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